What is Sector X
Sector X is the Acceleration Hub that offers world-class acceleration and education for startups, programs for businesses and services for investors.

The Hub features an awesome airy work space and is physically located in the fast-growing innovation park Unit.City, which is central Kyiv, Ukraine.

Why we do what we do
Because we believe that innovation is right in the foundation of humankind development and progress. And because we think it is important for Ukraine to have more startups that can be successful both inside the country and globally.

Our goals
We are building the largest national and regional powerhouse for startups and innovation.

Who we work for
Our main stars are startups at the ideation stage and up, medium and big businesses looking to innovate, and venture investors of different kind.

What makes us different from other accelerators
  • We are an Acceleration Hub. One of a kind. Unlike all others. Not your typical accelerator.
  • Self-study world-class acceleration program.
  • Industrial tracks and corporate partners for startups from day one.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and community of the innovation park Unit.City
  • Wide network of partners in Europe, US, Asia

Core team
Andrei (CEO)
Serial founder, ex-Founder Institute director, parter of the corporate accelerator Yellow Rockets, co-founder of startups Cupli Surveys, Friends Forever, Personik, sold three companies, studied and lived in the USA.
Galyna (Head of Partnerships)
Galyna is in charge of breathtaking partnerships, used to develop projects from scratch in Ukraine, Sweden and Canada, assisted startups and acceleration programs and lectured in the Business School of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
Yuri (Program Coordinator)
Yuri holds a professional law degree and prior to joining Sector X to assist in coordinating our programs and helping startups, he worked at an international startup.
Anna (Communications Genius)
Anna has been amusing communities with great PR for more than five years now and has a one-of-a-kind experience in socio-political PR, including working with USAID an US-Ukraine Foundation. Anna is also tech-savvy and draws from her experience from collaborating with startups and incubators.
Alex Finn (Technology Expert)
Alex spent years at top tech positions with companies such as Success Factors and SAP, co-founded and sold a startup in the USA, and is currently designing and developing custom machine learning B2B solutions for enterprise-level clients at the Finnish startup which raised 10 million euros in 2019.