Corporate Club
Sector X
Corporate Club
Sector X
This is a community of companies interested in innovations.
We created the Club for Ukrainian-based businesses who are interested in innovations and startups, who want to learn about trends and new models of doing business, but who are still not ready to jump on the bandwagon to work with startups and accelerators. In short, this Club is for businesses on the way to changes. For middle- to large-sized businesses, as well as branches of multinationals in Ukraine.

Andrei Komarovskii
CEO Sector X
What Club Members Get
On a quarterly basis you'll be getting colorful and smart trend, news, and startups report of YOUR industry in the West, as well as in Ukraine.
Every two months we invite you to cool webinars on innovations from both local and international experts and market players.
Innovation Parties
Twice a year we throw a party at Unit.City in the company of Sector X, innovation practitioners and a luminary of the innovation field.
Innovation Festival
Once a year we stage an Innovation Festival for Club members only, where you can meet and hang out with bright startups, speakers and your fellow colleagues.
Access to the Hub's events
Sector X manages the largest acceleration program across the country, and you'll get access to selected events of this program throughout the year.
Consultations with the Hub
Most likely you'll have questions about startups, investments, business models, cooperation with open innovations etc. We'll be by your side.
Why We Do Cool Stuff
10+ years of hands-on experience in innovations, startups, working with enterprises that we gained in different countries including the USA, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, and Russia. We know what we are doing.
We step up the ante by regularly going to the USA, Israel, Korea, China, Sweden etc and learn from the most advanced and innovative companies and ecosystem players in the world. This is our way of keeping abreast.
We are part of Unit.City, which is the largest and still fast growing innovation park in Ukraine. Being a part of this amazing city within the city means sharing resources, knowledge and infrastracture.
We manage the Acceleration Hub, where we work with top-tier companies such as L'Oreal, Foxtrott, Farmak, Bosch etc. Which let's us peer deep what businesses need.
Huge network of contacts across the globe allows for a fast access to a wide spectrum of opinions and news.
Hundreds of startups from Ukraine and the Eastern European region come to us, which means we are perfectly aware of the supply side of the innovation market.
Media about Us
No catch. For a very moderate amount of money you get to learn what's going on in your industry in the West and Ukraine, read about interesting startups and technologies, listen and learn from innovation practitioners, meet those who's already innovating, and come up with your own ideas of what and how to implement in your own business.
So, what's the catch?
Welcome to the Club!
Fill in the form below or simply shoot an email to Galyna Paliychuk at